The employment and retention of American’s veterans is a key factor to the success of American corporations.  Veterans have long been recognized for their unique contributions to an organization’s success.  Veterans bring the following competencies to America’s companies – both large and small:

  • Organizationally adept

  • Honorable

  • Advanced technology experience and training

  • Resilient

  • Strong team work

  • Committed to organizational success – whatever it takes!

Using our unique talent and skill combination of “wearing the uniform”, entrepreneurial success, and leadership development expertise, our transition consulting services will optimize organizational and veterans commitment to success.  We can guide corporations and veterans to create a platform for successful military to corporate transitions.

Veteran Transition Services for Your Enterprise

Custard Consulting designs and creates deliverables that ensure effective veteran transition tailored to the organizational culture, coordinating with human resources, management, and veterans organizations to leverage skills transferability that enable a “win/win” relationship for the company and the veteran.


Our focus is on systemic process improvement in veteran hiring, while highlighting individual success.


A successful veteran hire can positively influence the organization’s ability to achieve goals and objectives, eventually increasing the bottom line.

America's veterans are trained to be trained!

American’s veterans are trained to be trained – they have completed functional, management and personal development courses – so they know how to learn, and how to apply newly acquired knowledge in the workplace.

Corporate commitment to transitioning veterans!

American corporations are honoring America’s veterans through employment commitments. Successful transition of veterans requires the organization and the veteran find common ground to ensure successful employment and retention of the key skills veterans bring to America’s private sector. 

Winning America's "War for Talent"

America has long been in a “war for talent”.  The recent budgetary increases in the US Department of Defense will require organizations bring their “A” game to veteran recruitment and retention, leveraging a cultural assessment, world-class onboarding and internal commitment to veterans success within their organizational culture.

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